Always Crashing In The Same Car

by King Black Acid



"Always Crashing in the Same Car" is a song by David Bowie for his album Low from 1977


Every chance,
every chance that I take
I take it on the road
Those kilometres and the red lights
I was always looking left and right
Oh, but I'm always crashing
in the same car

Jasmine, I saw you peeping(sleeping)
As I pushed my foot down to the floor
I was going round and round the hotel garage(in my head)
Must have been touching close to 94
Oh, but I'm always crashing
in the same car


released December 12, 2012
Daniel Riddle-guitar and vocal
Roger Campos-guitar
Melinda Dicillo-synth
Scott Adamo-drums
Joe Trump-percussion
Steve Doris-bass guitar

recorded by kevin
mastered at the - KBA Laboratory
Mazinga Music/Cavity Search Records 2012




King Black Acid Portland, Oregon

Daniel Riddle started King Black Acid as a recording project in the early 1990's. Later he formed and founded many King Black Acid line ups featuring such players as Scott Adamo (ex Wipers) Joe Trump (ex PigFace,Elliott Sharps Carbon) Jeff Trapp (ex Everclear) Roger Campos (Papillon) Nathan Jorg (Snow Bud) Dan Eccles (Richmond Fontaine) Erik Mimnaugh (Tomorrow People) Sarah Mayfield and Gabby Holt ... more

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